Don't run your startup blind.

Make decisions based on a strong understanding of the pain points you're solving, your unique value proposition and who your target market is.


Test, don't guess.

Make data driven decisions on marketing and product development based on proven research methodology.


We worked with...

Baresop founder Prisca asked the question, do we need to sell soap in liquid form. The answer was Baresop.

Baresop provides sachets which allow you to refill your handwash instead of buying a new bottle to reduce plastic usage so we can keep our hands and our conscious clean.

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Mr Yum is revolutionising the restaurant industry by pioneering QR Code scan through to picture menus.

Order and pay for your meal all from your phone.

Founder Kim, raised $1.5M in the first 6 months of thier journey. In 3 years, she raised a $90M Series A which is the largest Series A in Australian history.

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The pitch process.

A 30-min chat to get to know you and understand your startups needs

You'll get a proposal outlining the research process, cost and timeline.

Once approved, we start the process checking in with you regularly along the way.

Your Questions.

What kind of insight will I get from doing this research?


Some key areas of insight you will get are: what are the main pain points which resonate with your audience. This will help you understand what your unique value proposition is of your startup. We also collect data on the demographics to gain insight into the lowest hanging fruit for your target market.

What kind of methodology do you use?


The research is done across three phases, one with the founder, the second with 100 people, then phase three we reach a few thousand people. You will be then presented with a report to outline the insights we have collected.

How long does it take to carry out the research?


We aim to complete all three phases of the research project in around 4-6 weeks.

Will you invest in my app through the Pitch VC founders fund?


We may invest in your startup, if yourself and the startup is a good fit for us. The way we find out if you're good fit, starts with a casual chat we call ta casual chat. Book a call here.

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