We invest up to $60K in you at the pre-seed stage.
Our mission is to empower you to make a significant impact on the world. We put our money where our mouth is and back you at the idea stage (what we call lightbulbs). Do you have a big idea but need the cash to make it happen?
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We also provide you with guidance, advice, and mentorship.
We de-risk our investments by providing the support you need to avoid the big mistakes, accelerate faster and raise the additional capital you need.
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We are experts in the art of startup.
In our humble opinion, we have the best team in the art of Startup in Australia. We have raised millions of dollars, IPO’d our companies, had multiple of our own companies acquired, built dozens and dozens of MVP’s.
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We back awesome startups.
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Your commitment to the journey.
We invest in you and we expect you to invest in yourself.
We increase our investment in you as you increase your investment in yourself.

Learn the art of startuping.

We help you avoid the key risks, or landmines

We help you understand what to focus on and when. 

How to get find our customers and the lowest hanging fruit.

And how to raise Capital (Because you’re going to need more than our 60k)

AWS credits $25,000 - $2M

Join a large community of founders that back each other

And lots of hugs.

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The Details.
1. You have three 1 on 1 sessions with our Head of Founder success  - Chris Kloester.
These are super valuable no matter what stage you are at and are tailored specifically to you.

2. Our team is available to you at anytime to answer questions, provide advice and motivate you and push you when things get hard. And sometimes a shoulder to cry on.

3. You get access to the online version of playbook, this is an amazing resource to help you with the key steps you will be doing, it has hundreds of articles and videos on any startup topic you can think of. It has things like templates on how to reach out and update investors, these are the same templates that were used in the Mr. Yum capital raise process. 

4. You get access to our own investor network through the investor connect platform.

5. You get a one on one meeting with our Head of Investment - Johnny Q and our MD Cam to pitch for investment and receive specific feedback and advice.
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